Microworld Cardiff 2 @Arcadecardiff curated by Genetic Moo



Microworld Cardiff 2 @Arcadecardiff
curated by Genetic Moo

featuring work by

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Book Launch of Esther Leslie’s ‘Derelicts – Thought Worms from the Wreckage’ & Rob Dellar’s ‘Splitting in Two: Mad Pride & Punk Rock Oblivion’


This gallery contains 5 photos.

Photos from the Book Launch of Esther Leslie’s ‘Derelicts – Thought Worms from the Wreckage’ & Rob Dellar’s ‘Splitting in Two: Mad Pride & Punk Rock Oblivion’ Hosted by the Lexington, Pentonville Road London Sunday 25th May Headlining with music from Alternative TV & … Continue reading

Drawing Music at Upmarket Galleries


Upmarket Galleries present
‘Painting to Music’ curated by Dave Wakely
music performed by Ampersand
‘Drawing Music’ performance workshop by Len Massey
videoed and edited by Liam Taylor ©2014


Upmarket Galleries – upmarketgalleries.com & https://www.facebook.com/upmarketgalleries
Len Massey – lenmassey.com
Ampersand – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ampersand-Newport/357403044315551
Liam Taylor,

Dorkbot Cardiff #16 • 12th March 2014

Dorkbot Cardiff #16 • 12th March 2014

“people doing strange things with electricity”

Dorkbot is a wide range of people adapting technology & science. Dorkbot Cardiff is the Cardiff branch hosted by Tommy’s bar Cardiff School of Art and Design

Dorkbot Cardiff #16, talkers;

Sunil Tagore – presenting ‘Open Source Digital Fabrication: 3D printing and applications in appropriate technology’

Ariana Jordão – presenting ‘Fermentation as transformative imagination’

Sean Olsen – presenting ‘Electronic Gamelan, a collaborative musical sculpture.’

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The fourth movie from the performance group FEAR.
Established in 1996 FEAR has gone through various personnel and musical incarnations throughout which the focus is live performances of improvised music and sounds with projections and all present drawing or doing something creative, becoming more than spectators, more than being a passive audience.
The projections used in each performance consist of movies of the last FEAR event; these also contain movies of the one before ad infinitum, a feedback loop. Alongside and layered with these are movies of Len Massey’s high voltage electrographs.
The RCA Drawing Studio is at present the main venue for FEAR events.
IN THE SHADOW OF FEAR features the jazz harpist Tori Handsley on electric harp. Artist, researcher and educator Len Massey on analogue synth and guitar, visual artist and movie director Liam Taylor on projections, photography and movie production. Guesting on this performance is the commix artist, joke shop proprietor, pie delivery specialist and silliness expert the fantastic Doctor Simpo.

Len Massey lenmassey.com
Tori Handsley http://www.torishands.com/
Doctor Simpo http://www.frightonorbust.co.uk
Liam Taylor http://www.solidlight.co.uk