Dorkbot Cardiff – #8 24th may 2012

Dorkbot Cardiff – #8 24th may 2012.

“people doing strange things with electricity”

Dorkbot is a wide range of people adapting technology & science. Dorkbot Cardiff is the Cardiff branch hosted at milgis garage (until dorkbot #11 now at Tommy’s bar Cardiff School of Art and Design).

Dorkbot Cardiff #8, talkers;

Paul Woodford – ‘Interactive handlebars, arduino, water & light projections’

mediation video

Ingrid Murphy – ‘Interactive Ceramics (or) THINGS MEN HAVE MADE WITH WAKENED HANDS…’

mediation video

Philip Edwards – ‘Electronic Bagpipes: The Techno Pipe’

mediation video

Peter Hathaway – ‘introduces Dork Camp 2012’

mediation video

Paul Granjon – ‘Experiments with Android devices and Procesing’

mediation video

video by Liam Taylor

Dorkbot Cardiff video archive

Dorkbot Cardiff
organised by Paul Granjon and Peter Hathaway
filmed by Liam Taylor

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