dorkbot Cardiff #14 • May 25th 2013

dorkbot Cardiff #14 • May 25th 2013

“people doing strange things with electricity”

Dorkbot is a wide range of people adapting technology & science. Dorkbot Cardiff is the Cardiff branch

Dorkbot Cardiff #14, talkers;

Genetic Moo – Starfish to the Squidlets

ALEXANDROS KONTOGEORGOPOLOUS –  “#%^&*% the screen – I have my hands to create electronic music”

Sarah Younan – 3d scanning and print technologies to extend the impact of ceramic museum objects.

Stefan Samociuk – Transcendent Transcode Algorithm

Sean Clark – system theory to create interactive artworks

Genetic Moo

Genetic Moo will discuss how they imagined the show and demonstrate several of their interactive artworks from the Starfish to the Squidlets. They have been making interactive art for 6 years creating fantastical human-hybrid creatures collaged from photographs of their own bodies.

Genetic Moo is artist couple Tim Pickup and Nicola Schauerman (who gave the inaugural talk at Cardiff Dorkbot back in 2011). They will explain the programming and graphics behind their creations and talk a little about the workshops planned for the following week.

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– “#%^&*% the screen – I have my hands to create electronic music”. ALEX is a computer music researcher and lecturer in sonic arts at Cardiff School of Art and Design. For this talk he will be describing Metronom which is his latest gestural music composition tool. The project celebrates the emerging world of computer controlled “feelies” – an interactive audio-visual composition – a dance between the hands of the performer and the movements of the haptic interface

Sarah Younan

Sarah Younan is doing a PhD at the Cardiff School of Art and Design researching using 3d scanning and print technologies to extend the impact of ceramic museum objects. She scans artefacts from the ceramics collections of the National Museum of Wales and then finds novel ways to engage with the digital models and 3d prints. People have created films, artworks and video games using her scans and she is looking to get more people involved.

Stefan Samociuk

Stefan Samociuk is a mathematical artist who works with HD video and surround sound exploring the synaesthetic structure of a recently discovered algorithm which he calls the Transcendent Transcode Algorithm. Spectacular geometric and audio spaces are delicately revealed. His talk will be entitled “The audio visual experience and transcendent transcoding.

Sean Clark

Sean Clark uses system theory to create interactive artworks. Last year with Genetic Moo he organised a show called Symbiotic at the Phoenix Cube gallery in Leicester which saw multiple interacting artworks. Sean will be showing Whale which stores memories of what it has seen – building up waves of visual material over time. He will also be bringing along his Etch-a-Pi, an Etch-a-sketch raspberry Pi hybrid.

Dorkbot Cardiff
organised by Paul Granjon and Peter Hathaway
filmed by Liam Taylor


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