Dorkbot Cardiff #15 • 11th December 2013

Dorkbot Cardiff #15 • 11th December 2013

“people doing strange things with electricity”

Dorkbot is a wide range of people adapting technology & science. Dorkbot Cardiff is the Cardiff branch hosted by Tommy’s bar Cardiff School of Art and Design

Dorkbot Cardiff #15, talkers;

Block Films – presenting there debut filmDIFF.

Jarkman – presenting the Giant Staring Eye

Carolyn Ryves – presenting Pedal powered Christmas Tree

Myles Leadbeatter – presenting exhibition Columns.

Carolyn Ryves

Carolyn from Pedal cafe will bring along a Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer stationary bike which powers a Christmas Tree and is keen for people to try it out.

Dorkbot Cardiff #15 • 11th December 2013
Myles Leadbeatter

Myles, who is part of ActuatedLab! will be talking about his past exhibition Columns. In which he constructed a dynamic mechanical environment that was shaped by the people whom it inhabited. He will also talk about the various technical challenges faced with Columns and briefly about his work with CNC machines.

video of the making of installation
video of installation
(both making of the installation & video of installation are from Subjective Realities)


BLock Films (no video, of talk)

In 2012 two friends, in the final year of their degree at the Welsh School of Architecture, decided they wanted to capture the places that had formed their experience of Cardiff, in a way that would show familiar places from new perspectives. 9 months and 10000 stills later they completed their debut filmDIFF.

They will talk about how their background in architectural design has informed their approach to film-making and ideas of place, people and space, and will discuss the techniques used on two of their projects so far – DIFF and Rooms – that allowed them to explore these ideas.


Jarkman is back with his latest invention, the Giant Staring Eye:
“Many machines watch the people around them, one way or another. When the Giant Staring Eye watches you, you know you’re being watched. It’s a simple but sizeable robot, built to explore that sensation.”

Dorkbot Cardiff
organised by Paul Granjon and Peter Hathaway
filmed by Liam Taylor

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